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Freedom at Will?????

September 6, 2010
Freedom – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; is an attribute which a great nation or civilization always allots to it’s citizens and makes a whole lot of publicity to advent its greatness. In the modern world USA was the symbol of freedom to citizens, Europe is for freedom of culture and people who have visited my country define freedom as it should have been in the first place – Freedom to do anything.

USA is signified as the ‘Land of the Free, Home of the brave’. Ask it’s foreign students who were seeking a job last year in the global recession. It is the last phrase they would ever appreciate with USA. They were discriminated to an extent where career fairs had advertisements disallowing people from foreign nationalities.

As a pragmatic, I have no qualms about it. I understand every government has a right and the first responsibility towards the citizens of it’s own country. With that perspective, the companies using the US taxpayers money had an obligation to first and foremost hire the stupid american unemployed who in their college learn how to type and calculate in a calculator. (As told to me by a University of Chicago Student on a trip to India).

Freedom in the constitution of every country also allots the freedom of expression and speech. Are we really practising that.

Orhan Pamuk mentions about the proscription on writers in his native Turkey. We know Salman Rushdie was banned from his native country. Their thoughts and expressions were restrained from reaching the masses.

These are people whose books and writings will become a reflection of our society for the generations in the future. We cannot even guarantee them the freedom of speech for an editor will edit their speech and censure their thoughts. How can we common man even think of expressing our thoughts.

An eminent Indian politician has been refused Visa twice for traveling to the USA.

To conclude, the only freedom is enjoyed by those who hold seats of power and authority.

In the end, you might wonder and tell me – Life is like that. You cannot do everything. There are laws and regulations to be followed. These rules mark the boundaries of the circle within which we must enjoy or destroy our freedom. How

Then might I ask you one thing – Are not these rules and regulations curbing the very freedom we ought to have in the first place?


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