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September 6, 2010

When I hear,
The sounds of vendors in the air,
With their various tones and dialects,
Trying to make a bargain.
And the horns of the cars,
With the arguments of
People over the taxi fare.
And the chants of
‘Howzzzat’ of the kids
With a breaking glass sound.

When I see
Cricket on the street and the roofs
And the ‘schumachers’ driving on roads
In the most reckless manner.
And the ‘pheriwaalas’ on the roadside,
Selling their merchandise, with a smile
On their faces under the hot sun.
Animals on the roads,
And ‘Dhabaas’ along the highways,
With never ending traffic jams.

When I touch
My elders feet with reverence,
And hug even my male friends,
And touch a cow with reverence.
The sun through it’s rays,
And the picture of every god,
And the orange color on my head.

When I smell
The scent in the air,
With spices of the street chaat,
And the smell in the fish market.
The morning ‘dhoop’ in the house.
The aroma of the curries,
And the spices in the house.

When I feel,
The mud flying in the air,
And the wind in the night,
Blowing away the heat of the summer.
The freedom and liberty
With the love and respect among
Various religions and backgrounds.

I know I am home
In the arms of
My beloved country,


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