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My 5 greatest sports moment

September 6, 2010
As I sit on the dawn of a new year watching Pakistan take on Australia in a cricket test match at Sydney in the conventional New Years test match. I started to ponder over the memory lane of the last ten years thinking about the ten greatest moments in sports I watched live on TV. I am putting the moments in a chronological order.

The first of these is Sachin Tendulkar pulling Andrew Caddick out of the park in the world cup of 2003. Any cricket fan would love the shot no matter where his loyalties are. The moment the red cherry left Caddick’s ball Tendulkar’s poise and the position of Tendulkar for the shot, there was only one place where the ball going – out of the boundary. A few would have imagined it going out of the park.

Sachin Tendulkar hitting Caddick out of the ground

It was a world cup where every fast bowler claimed to have found a remedy to curtail the onslaught of Sachin Tendulkar. Akhtar, Lee and Caddick were despatched to different regions of the ground in similar fashion without any tribute to their greatness.

On the second place would be a moment from the 2005 Champions League final. Not even an ardent fan of Liverpool would have guessed or dreamt of Steven Gerrard holding the cup aloft at the end of 90 minutes after watching the dreadful first 45 minutes. They were right in their dreams.

For it was after 118 minutes when their dreams took shape due to the twin saves from Dudek. The first shot from Andriy Shevchenko -a then sublime striker in prime form – at point blank range supposed to go nowhere but kiss the net. The second shot followed the Murphy’s Law and again landed on the body of Dudek. It was exactly moment which deflated the Milan players spirit (in my opinion) and resulted in the subsequent victory of Liverpool over AC Milan.It was a delight in the end to watch Steven Gerrard with the cup.

The next moment was not a joyous. It was a painstaking to watch Zinedine bump his head into Materazzi. The sheer impact of these 2 seconds have changed the history of soccer. After this incident, the french players lost their hope of winning. The body language of Henry and Trezeguet at the time of penalty kicks said it all. They wanted their messiah back. But he could not come back. It was the most inappropriate manner for such a legend to walk off the most coveted stage in sports.

Coming to motorsports, I am a McLaren fan. Watching the Ferrari camp in tears as Hamilton overtook Glock in the ultimate corner of the season saw the closing of the most challenged season in recent times. The ultimate corner!!!!Wow!!!

He was criticized for throwing it away in the previous season due to his recklessness. For the last 10 laps in this race, it seemed a similar story until the last corner. I was personally a bit surprised that Ferrari did not cry foul and ask for investigation into the incident about fixing this with Glock. I was honestly surprised.

The last great moment for me was watching Rafael Nadal win the Australian Open 2009 . It will always be memorable for me. Watching Rafael Nadal win so many titles without a great serve or return made me a fan of him. His sheer grit and determination to win every point against a number one or number 200 is the same.

It was such a delight to watch him win that I could only say ‘Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open’ to the most special person when she wanted to hear something else. Coming to play the final after a gruelling 5-setter against Verdasco in the semifinals few gave him the hope of winning it against Federer. The only hope was if the match went to 5-sets. So it did. I was jumping all over during the 5th set because he hardly loses a game in 5 sets.


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