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When the Memories fade

September 6, 2010
When the golden memories
Fade Away, Leaving a Cloud
Of Grey behind them, To search
Is more painful than ever.

Like the beautiful Spring Sun,
They remain pressed, between
The cold winter and grey Autumn,
Unable to smile like a baby.

Like an angry child, Scared
They remain in dark,Unwilling
To surface and struggle, With
The other’s torture and strength.

Like the soldier’s Sword,
They remain covered in Sheath,
Unwilling to kill the demons
That torture one day and night.

Like the dying Captain,
They fail to stand, And
Command your army, To
Find way in the battleground.

Like a Dead Body, With grace,
They float away to the sea, With
The flowers and perfumes,
Leaving alone in a grey world.

The need for Them to surface,
To Come back, stand again,
For without Them, it is lonely
Having no reason to smile.

With those golden moments,
And the rosy feeling, Come
Back, RIse and make one flow
Along the blue river to the sea.


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