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God or no God

October 28, 2010

The conversation with a school friend at the age of 9 over mutton curry in the school mess discussing the existence of God. I was an atheist then and even now. My friends only argument for his belief in God came in the form of following statement – ”You are too young and one day in terms of crisis you will run to pray to a God”. His more experienced theist mind (though he was 6 months younger to me) conjured up all the possible scenarios of the Indian culture when a man runs to God.Similar instances occured at home where my refusal to participate in religious ceremonies was condemned by my over-zealous and religious mother and grandmother.

For many years, I have been bombarded with their texts and stories of mythology and do this and do that. As an ardent believer in reason I have questioned them for an explaination of these supersitious deeds and have tried to reason with their spiritual leaders. Only reply – ”You are young, indisciplined and stubborn, so no point discussing it”. Majority of people have overlooked this reasoning and questioning as stubbornness. I would rather prefer to be labelled as stupid.

I have a penchant for the traditions and old methods of living. Conclusively I was bound to read those texts once I could spare time from the unnecesary, irrelevant and antiquated curriculum of ICSE boards in India. I delved deeper into these books and the more I understand them the more distant I become with the facts of existence of God or rebirth of a dead man or any other myths. I can somehow relate to Budha achieving salvation for he could have relaized the futility of life and existence of human-beings. But rebirth of a man after 3 days of death, give me a break!!!

One of the only arguments I had as a kid against the existence was the great latitudes of poverty around me in India. Living in a deeply religious family and society who offered to god but not a dime extra to the poor around compounded to my grief. To my utter grievance no god or religion has solved the dilemma of poverty or propogated a belief for alleviating the distress of the poor. It is amazing how these religion and their symbols have asked for money themselves and their organizations but never for the poor.

Gradually, my reading gave me various philosophies and reasons to propagate my atheism and belief in it. I could defend myself not believeing in God with theories of some scientists and engineers. It is with the intention of discussing those I write and not to hurt anyone’s religious beliefs or to propagate my bugle of atheism as people already are aware of it.

I understand the dogmas of relgion in Africa, Afghanistan, India and other developing and poor countries but to come across some fundamentalist and believers in the Western World (Europe) surprises me and signifies the major flaw in the education system persisting today. When a scientist, engineer or a doctor comes to me and discusses his belief in God I am confused to feel aghast or surprised or murderous. It highlights the small and dare I say non-existent growth in the civilization of humankind.

As the son of Hindu parents and grandson of orthodox hindus, I would propagate more on the lines of hinduism.

One of the major flaw in the hindus of today is accepting it as a reason. However, I should point out ‘HINDUISM IS NOT A RELIGION ONLY A SCIENCE OF LIVING’. One of it’s greatest gifts was argument and reason. Great minds and true champions of Hinduism have advocated the thought of not accepting anything if you do not agree.

Lord Krishna dictates the Bhagvad Gita to Arjun commanding him to follow it only if he agrees to it and believes in it. A beautiful conversation on philosphical backgrounds equivalent to the ancient Greek philosphy of Science ensued in the gorisome background of Kuruskshetra. It was only for the followers to ruin it by making it a sacred religious text. The morals and theory of existence were beautifully explained with reason for every statement to Arjuna but misinterpretations over the centuries resulted in a Kumbha Mela – another method of cleansifying the immoral, corrupt and crime and other such acts: vegetarianism being a hindu activity, caste system by birth, etc.

The war in the skies of the mythology Ramayana according to Erik Van Daikin (a Dutch Civil Engineer) explains the existence of a super developed civilization of humans in his book – Chariots of the God.Human civilization could have existed with the benefits of modern science only to have ended unceremoniously or without the Pralay of the Vedas or the Sun blackout or something. The civilization could have ended with the Ice age or the water levels rising. Arrows with fire in the sky in Ramayana makes sense to me when I can compare them to the modern day missile and are nuisance when I consider it to be a supernatural power.

One often wonders how the maginificient structures like the Pyramids were constructed 3000 years ago. I doubt if the coming generations would understand the physics of the skyscrapers spending time on the facebook and not learning. The Parsees had their home in Persia for quite a few centuries only for the upcoming of Islam in the eight century to drive them out and towards the western coasts of India. Twelve century later people believe Parsee were authentic Indians. Or for that matter, contrary to the popular belief of chilli originating in India, it originally came from Portugal to India towards the end of the 15th century.

Is it merely a  co-incidence that many years ago Manu mentions the end of a world with floods and in the 21st century we have problems of ice caps melting. Or could be similar to the imagination of Space travel in STAR WARS by Lucas Skywalker which seems imminent to happen in the coming millenia. It is easier on my still young and stubborn nerve cells to rationalize the existence of a civiliation on the face of earth who propagated these theories on the basis of simulation, imaginations or reasons and we the so called developed WORLD twisted them into mythologies and other facts without reason.

It is these simple and small facts which when misinterpreted or forgotted or not recorded properly give rise to religion and other supersitions. These supersitions are nothing but a progeny of the inability of the man to reason and accept things as the lazy mind tends to accept an easy way out.

he hyperbole and the beautiful expressions of the writers while writing history is another major contributor to such beliefs. Jesus walked on water in the latin of the 1st century meant Jesus walked in water. Interpreting the same sentence in the 19th century latin revered him as god. It is the evolution of a language and culture over a period of time which makes Gods normal men like Gandhi a hero of the 20th century and a GOD towards the end of the 3rd millenium.


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