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Dear Fernando Torres, WE ARE LFC

January 30, 2011

Dear Fernando Torres,

It is with great disrespect and complete arrogance I write to you. I understand to my very bitter dismay you have submitted a transfer request for a move to Chelsea football club only 3 days before the deadline of the transfer. I completely agree with you on this request as you want to win medals and I wish you on a very good journey in your future endeavors. However, I also mean complete arrogance in the following content of this letter.

If you thought you could pull a ROONEY or TEVEZ with the LFC, then you must be in a complete shock till now. No fans are invading your house or sending you threats or any other sort of similar behavior to make you change your mind. Besides, unlike the Blues we will not beg you to stay or ship you to Argentina to avoid the fans wrath as there will be no such wrath. We are pretty confident when you misfire for the Chelski’s their fans will do it to you.

This should already bring your feet back to the same level where we keep our feet. We did not mean to hurt your ego by not doing such uncivilized and irrational things but you should know ‘WE ARE LFC WITH HISTORY OF OVER A CENTURY AND BILLIONS OF PAGES’ and now a couple of millions to invest in the squad.

Our response to your request shows you our pride in history. We are LFC and you are just a word in it which will be forgotten tomorrow. When someone scores more goals than you. If you think no one can, then you are mistaken for you could score zilch without the LFC midfield. The WC 2010 is an example and so is Euro 2008. Can Lampard give you that or will it be Terry?? Oh wait, but then Terry might ask for a night out with your wife. Thats how the BLUES are.

As a proud historian I would like to fill you how it goes — Ian Rush, John Aldridge, Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Fernando Torres and some one else now. Please take a look at the careers of the names previously mentioned after Liverpool. Atleast they gave us time enough to reinvest in our squad and buy replacements whereas you have not given us such a facility.

As I understand you falsely learned our history to appease us naive fans so will give you a more modern example of your LFC teammates — Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano. They both went to bigger teams with ambitious plans. Alonso can be frequently seen at ANFIELD and stating ‘He misses our affection’. Javier Mascherano cannot even start a game – that is understandable in a man’s game. He was not even man enough to cite the correct reasons.

When you displayed our anthem on your captain’s band, we thought you were ours, when you talked our history, we believed you are ours and when you scored those goals, we knew you were one of us. How you stabbed us now??

We chanted your name from 2007 and will chant someone else’s from wednesday. LFC existed before 2007 and will exist beyond 31st January 2011.




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