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Gerrard and Carragher – The True legends of LFC

February 6, 2011

A week after the stressful Torres saga for every REDS fan I want to elucidate on Gerrard and Carragher who are the true legends of LFC. I am in full confirmation and acceptance of the excitement and great memories which Torres provided us for 3 and a half years or 3 years however, what Carragher and especially Gerrard has sacrificed for the club is exactly what legends and myths are made of.

The foremost thought in every fans mind is their dedication and loyalty to the club for such a long time. Every second they wore the liverbird, they wore it with pride. The pride with which they wear the jersey and kiss the badge, intimate the opponents and motivate the team, celebrate the victory and grieve a loss is commendable beyond any doubt. The passion for the club is evident in the two local lads and no journalist from Tokyo to New York can say otherwise. However, some would point to the Gerrard’s temptation for Chelsea in 2005 and his threat to sign for Man Utd at age of 14, however, eventually he stayed loyal and other like to point on Carragher and his boyhood romance for Everton.

The two genuine scousers could have fit into any team in the world at their prime (Gerrard even today) and the managers would have the easiest choice of the first name on the team sheet every match and every week. The SPECIAL ONE still dreams of coaching the no.8 at any team he goes and tries to entice him away from the KOP CHANTS. But hoever, the passion of the LFC fans keeps him here. Even the assurance of various successes under the SPECIAL ONE did not completely deter him away from LFC.

How every professional athlete dreams and craves for those medals and a drawing room full with them, a closet full of trophies as these are the objects which put them in the history books and makes them a complete hero for generations to come. However, like the spartans the duo committed to a club which could not completely compete with the mighty Man Utd and Arsenal and the history buying Chleseas. The club was losing it’s might mainly because of the leadership on the mahogany desks where the cigar smoking gentlemen could not think of a reason to rebuild or reinvest in the club to make it complete and compete at all levels.

The duo continued with pride and passion of a LFC fan giving the best years of their career and twilight to the club never deterring or deviating from their aim to get us back to the top level where we belong and have a right to do. To watch an etched already legend in the KOP memoirs come and take the helms of the club in order to restore it’s pride with these two gladiators is befitting and a ray of hope for every LFC fan. We would be happier to see medals with the tag of BARCLAYS around the necks fo the two legends.

Many describe the no. of medals as the measuring yard to differentiate between heroes and legends. However, I beg to completely differ. If it were so, then many legends from sports would have to simply become heroes and the history would no longer remain romantic. Even the Spartans lost and the Templar Knights were killed.

Few could argue with the names of Rossenori’s – Maldini, Nesta, Inzaghi – Madrista’s – Raul, Casillas. The counterargument lies in their achievement of medals and glory, something they wished for when they signed their allegiance to those clubs. Many walk out on seeing them fail but are remembered for the medals in history. However, the loyalty depicted by the duo to a club in a transition phase is paramount and deserves volumes of accolades written in order to jsutify the merit of loyalty.

Shakespeare would have found it difficult to pen words on this sort of loyalty and passion especially in a sport where loyalty to fans or clubs or even wives seems the last thing on the mind of the sportsperson of the modern era.

The blog is becoming today as we can make the Judas feel the difference between a hero and a legend. Judas was good but not a legendary status material.


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