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Who is responsible??

February 13, 2011

For the Reds, it does not seem to ever end. Alonso left,Benitez left, Mascherano forced his way out, H&G were thrown out by the fans, Hodgson left, Torres left because he thought we were not ‘big‘. When we started to believe, the worst was all over, seems Pepe may leave for some club if we do not finish in top 4.  After a crunching victory at Stamford Bridge, we get robbed of 2 points by an offside goal and increase our deficit from 4th making it easier for Reina to cite a reason to leave.            

Ever since Reina’s statement, I was left wondering ‘Who is responsible for such a state of the club? Which of the 4 pillars -management, board of directors, fans or players -seems to be falling always?’ I thought hard and hard and lets take a pillar individually.

The management seems to be the problem usually in football. Apparently, it seems to be manager who does not get it right. Lets check the three managers who have been in charge at Anfield from 2009 to now. Rafa Benitez seemed like a distant man to me always. On his face there was the worry of having the most difficult job at hand and with his eloquent oratorship, he found phrases and speeches to endear the fans to him. His way of football was bad zonal marking was never a thing for EPL with the pace. However, lady luck shone on him and we glorified him for bringing European success after 21 years. Little did we realize the team he won the UCL with was Houllier’s team. He dismantled it all and brought in Spanish players from Riera to Torres. Somehow, the faith of the fans made him realize he was Kenny and he drifted apart from players and gradually started falling apart from them. After such a scenario, he found it opportune to blame it on H&G and did the unthinkable of washing the clubs laundry in public.

Thousands of us Reds agree that this worked in our favor in the long term as we knew the Texans other side and ousted them out with the fans protest which is only imaginable at our beloved club and by the brethren.

After a dismal 2009 – 2010, he was bound to leave and he left with 6 million GBP and went to Inter Milan where he again had a champion side only to make them lose their complete pride and left with a package of 7.5 million in compensation. Now, how could a guy earn so much money without delivering what he was supposed to in 1 year, only he knows. He could write something about it and earn more.

Next came Roy Hodgson. All of us knew it was a make weight replacement with the club in a takeover process. So I have no problems barring one, he should have been respectful of the task at his hand and known when his time was over other than wait for his compensation package.

This turmoil all lead us to where we wanted to be – in the hands of King Kenny. What a man and what a transition!! The same team with one change in the form of Meireles is playing the Liverpool way. They are actually playing football after the end of 2008-2009 for the first time. I never saw Kenny play in the 80s but can see why the elder Reds wanted him. It is amazing.

The board of directors was bad and we have it changed in the form of better and sports loving people. People who know what sports is and not the scent of oil. The sheer determination of getting in Carroll to replace Torres was magnificient and amazing. It showed what they wanted and really amazing of them to have come up and done what we all wanted after so much lack of transfer activity in the last 2 seasons. However, I find it hard to blame H&G when Rafa was spending their money on players and selling them for half the purchase value in half a season. However, H&G were just awful and now with the high court they again seem to prove us correct.

The Fans. Over the last 14 years I have been a Red. I have had successes of my own but my biggest success is every week when Liverpool wins and my biggest pride is when we stand up at the KOP to give an ovation for a team which played good against the mighty REDS. Nowhere will there be such a passion, knowledge and respect of football as we REDS depict. Not only our former players but anyone who plays at Anfield says the same. From Xavi Hernandez to the Whiskey nose, everyone says the same and has admitted to it in part of their lives.

I have seen managers come and go and my brethren has changed managements with our sheer power and determination. We sang our hearts out and supported the team through the darkest of passages and now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can realistically believe of a better 2011-2012 season challenging at all fronts but comes a surprise again.

Our keeper who stated a month ago that he would stay at LFC and see out his contract of 6 years is thinking of our rivals and other clubs to join in EPL.Honestly, do we play on the field or does the manager play or do the board of directors. Eventually, we give you all the support and belief we have, the manager gives you all the experience and the new board the money but you jump the ship always either blaming the board or the managers style without paying a word of tribute to the fans. The lesser known stars like Maxi and Kuyt work hard on the pitch and never say about commitments to their contracts and somehow end up giving 200% on the pitch.

The stellar ones make promises and sing praises for the fans but at the slightest bad luck for our temple turn away and jump the ship. We have no complaints against this demeanor for we have realized in the last 3 years, we are the only stable pillar which held our club high with love, passion and pride during it’s turmoil and will do so even in the future. Fear not, you will be gone but we will continue to shout our hearts out loud and sing the songs of the greats who played for us and will play. We are the only constant thing in the club besides the KING in this club.

However, if you really want to leave, leave with dignity saying the honest and not the right things. Ours is a great team and great players make a great team. Great players and soldiers stand their ground and take their responsibility and share of blame. They do not point fingers or jump ships but lead the way when the chips are down. To wear this jersey and win our love you have to be a great player and not the best player. The transition from the best to great comes after you hang your boots and when we judge you for what you did to us and when you jumped the guns and betrayed us.

Michael Judas Owen was the best striker of his time but never became a great player neither at LFC nor at Manure, simply because he did not have it in him to stand that long.

I am happy I am not a football and just a fan for I am aware of my loyalties and honesty. I still say the honest thing and not the right thing. I need not waver from my comments of 6 weeks or 2 days as I can behave like a matured and responsible person rather than a lying crook. So please understand it was never us fans or the manager or the board who were responsible to bring us here.

It was your sheer lack of courage of accept responsibility and take the blame on your shoulders.


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