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June 6, 2011


the legacy of m. k. gandhi

125 years ago, a man of brown skin was thrown away from a train in South Africa for being seated in a coach reserved for whites. The man quit his career as a lawyer and started to avenge his personal insult by involving the masses of a hard working peasant country into a freedom struggle. On his way to achieve the so called non violent struggle, Mr. Gandhi insulted a leading politician of India at that time – Mohammad Ali Jinnah – for his aristocratic approach to freedom struggle.

On his stay at a guest house in Kolkata, insisted on a particular menu of which was not practical and feasible for the host but insisted and achieved it. In 1927 Mr. Jinnah is asking for a united independent INDIA and hates the then radical and fundamental Muslim League of India, but somehow Mr. Gandhi seems to incite the most secular man of India into revulsion and join the Muslim League of India. He brings to halt a revolution at Champaran, endorsed the death sentence of Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukhdev and does not help Subhash Chandra Bose in his formation of INA.

Mr. Bose won the democratic elections of AICC in 1935 (or 1936) fairly but was not allowed to preside the session as Mr. Gandhi’s personal favorite was beaten. Against the majority decision of AICC, he decides to help The British Empire by asking Indians to fight for them in the WW II.

The man achieved all this in a span of 40 years with the grand prize of Indian independence which came at the cost of a loss of half a million lives of people crossing the so called new borders. (I put a smaller number here, the figure is quite higher). This division of borders happened because the Mr. Gandhi did not want Mr. Jinnah to be the first Prime Minister of India but preferred a certain Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru who was sleeping with Lord Mountbatten’s wife completely unaware of the life of the common man in India. (After all he studied at Oxford while his laundry went to Paris)

Mr. Gandhi achieved the results of ‘His Expermients with Truth’ with a sole weapon — ‘satyagraha’, a plea for the truth. ( Teaser – Does someone recognize the change in attitude of the so called Mahatma  in accepting violence when he could become good and acceptance of aristocracy when it favored him)

Since then it has become the weapon of almost every Indian politician or political aspirant. (Sorry western friends, we don’t have debates in TV or even in Parliament in parliament we have fights with mikes and tables and chairs)However, in the last 2 years I have seen my country go absolutely in hyperdrive for these satygrahas. People get excited with these news and give it mass support sometimes making it look a major demand of the world.

A local minister was covering the headlines and front pages of a newspaper for quite a frequent days and reduced my time of sports news on the TV news. The government interrupted, the minister satisfied after almost 7 days of violence in the beautiful city of Hyderabad. Loss of public property by public who rode the wave for partitioning of the province into two without his objective achieved.

About a month ago, my facebook wall was jeopardized with requests for joining Anna Hazare’s fast. (Firstly, cannot be hungry for more than 8 hrs straight, so please avoid my wall. In short, I love to eat). I was left wondering for quite some time?? Who is Anna Hazare?? Wikipedia gives me the name as Kisan Baburao Hazare!!

Shocked I was, how at convenience the man picks up a title which can definitely appeal to the southern region of my country.  (Anna Hazare, what were u thinking. Sounds like the name of a hitman.) His agenda is passing a bill in the Indian parliament for constituting a new independent judiciary for the independent research and acceleration of pending cases in the lower courts. So he decides not to eat anything and go on a hunger striker.

Now, a first thought came to my mind — There will be human in this body also to adjudicate or not?? If human, then how long before this body also fails?? Whats the objective of this farce?? Cannot figure it out yet.

All of a sudden yesterday after a month of rest and neglect from Indian IP addresses, on facebook, I had a lot of updates on something happening in India. A certain Baba Ramdev is again on ‘Satyagraha’. Now, Baba Ramdev is a very common name in the hindu households of India and somehow an atheist like me is aware of him as my mother follows him on TV, my dad hates the bearded goon and I am indifferent to the hypocrite.

Objective of this ‘Satyagraha’ to bring the money back from the swiss banks of Indian politician to India and take the politicians to India. To remove corruption from India. Wow. Can we not protest in Zurich against the Swiss government allowing a poor man’s money to come from a different country into their bank accounts without filing and declaration as is the decorum in every country.

There is an agitation against the government because Baba Ramdev was treated so shabbily. However, the goon ran away from the public address when the police arrived. Did Medha Patkar flee or did Irom Sharmila discontinue her 10 years hunger strike when the police came to put her under house arrest?? Did Dr. Manmohan Singh sit outside the Mumbai Stock Exchange during the 1989 economic crisis, he went about changing the policies on his own and making India what it is today by ending the license raj. Today you are questioning the man’s integrity?? )(Btw, he went against all his party in making that bill, and he did the same to get the electronic ID card in the country)

How quickly the dynamics has shifted from the 2G scam to this Baba Ramdev fiasco. BJP was the government at the time of the allotment of the contracts. When the plot in the  2G scam became deeper like an EKTA KAPOOR soap opera, BJP opted for a TV commercial in the prime time show of Indian politics, I dare ask them how.

Are we Indians who are majorly responsible for the virtual to be working effectively in a software driven world so gullible to fall for the political fiasco of an army veteran or a bloody low class sadhu who drives in Rolls Royce, has acres of land in a country where millions sleep under the sky and flies in private chartered planes or for the political party which is twice responsible for the Hindu-muslim riots in their time at power? (I believe in one human life being more valuable than the billions of USD or a political ideology)

I believe in a corruption free country as much as you do but I do not believe in the methods of achieving it. ‘Satyagraha’ has become the modus operandi of the leaders in the country by  playing the blame game. Gandhian principles are only holding the country to ransom like Sir Winston churchill would say for Mr. M. K. Gandhi – a naked faqir who holds the British Empire in his fist.

2500 years ago, in the city of Pataliputra lived a man named Vishnugupt who was as frustrated as you and I am today with the corruption of Magadha. He did not get angry at people doing their farce but went silently to Takshila to educate himself, empower himself to awaken the masses by argument and reason against the struggle, educating them about their rights and their right to life.

So what, if the government does not pay for the education of the poor can we not sponsor the poor kids education by donating to the private NGOs. OK, if you think they are corrupt then how about the international private NGOs which send you information almost about every month on the update.

Can we not start in a similar manner to Kautilya? By removing corruption from our own, by queueing up at Sarkari daftars and waiting our turns, by not paying the middlemen. Can we start paying our taxes in full to achieve another commonwealth like event where the youth of the country felt the independence and fervor of a country at it’s best display and this time make sure to ignore the indian critical media whose sole interest is gossip? Can a columnist not write a column about the plights of the poor so elegantly that the editor puts it on page one once a week or on Sunday?

Can we start a movement for invoking inheritance tax in India similar to Netherlands?? (Inheritance tax is a tax where u pay 60% of the money u inherit from your parents to the tax in order to promote equal opportunity) Or can a Doctor and Engineer from a government institute work at the public hospital and stay in India working for the government firms after all did the government not pay for them. Can a lawyer do a pro bono just one day a month for the slum dwellers making them aware of their rights and consequences of hygiene?

The first response everyone is thinking — mere akele karne se kya hoga, itna bada desh hain? At this point I should remind you a story of three friends names Everybody, Somebody and Nobody. Secondly, everyone is thinking about – ‘It is my life and we do what we want to do?’ Same are the deeds of the politicians on a grander scale. However, it is the same crime — C.O.R.R.U.P…T..I.O.N..

Right now we are all interested because we are riding on the crest of the tidal wave but please this will pass by once the businessmen get back to their mahogany desks and air conditioned chambers or India plays Australia in cricket. Or even for a simple popular bollywood flick.

If you want to do it this way i.e. just ride the wave — ghar jao aur 23’’ mein Baba Ramdev ka Yoga dekho, agle din office mein chai aur samose mein discuss karna, chai ka maja alag ho jayega??

If you did not like the advise then resign your job make a social group of people create a common objective and propagandize it, become famous, win the elections and talk to me ten years later to tell me your account balance in the Swiss Banks because I am two hundred percent sure power corrupts everyone.

What gives you the right to send chotu for a coke to the market or any small errand?? Do you think it is your birth right? No, it is not. It is a right you earn because of the POWER money hands you over him. For a change next time do not show sympathy when you ask a chotu to bring you chai at the local dhaaba empower the country by sending him to school. It is a similar power  that 51 arseholes get over 49 sane men in democracy.

Forget all the above mentioned hard and difficult deeds, how about just paying your taxes in full. Imagine 500,000,000 million citizens paying their evaded tax of INR 5000 also on an average, then the state benefits with INR 200,000,000,000. This may not build a world class India in a day but can be a start. After all, ROME  WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY and even Chanakya took 21 years to complete his  struggle.

Let’s all start together from the bottom, build a good foundation of a society and we can remove the necessity of a government after all we are humans and not animals who need a danda to be monitored correctly.

On the contrary if we topple the top the system could collapse or only become vacant for some other power hungry monger to satisfy us for some time and then again to the old system. It is your choice

Please do not follow the tide, think where you can make a change in your own unique manner and not by being in a group. Groups/democracies are too many ideas which dilute an ideology.

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